Dealing with Evil People – Psychopaths

So many viewers emailed about Evil People in their lives after our first show, we decided to devote an entire program to Dealing with Evil People – Recognizing and protect protecting yourself from evil people.

Some viewers disagreed with our statement that Evil People Are Never Truly Happy.  We’ll describe why this is true.

Here are reference links mentioned on the show:

Is Your Boss A Psychopath? – Fast Company’s excellent article about psychopath CEO’s.

The Best Are Often Bullied – Bullies despise successful people with honesty and integrity, everything they are not. Competence, popularity, independence and attractiveness make you a target, the bully is jealous of your skills and abilities.

You’re Alone – Why people don’t help targets of bullying.

25 Top Workplace Bullying Tactics – Also great links!

Characteristics of Corporate Psychopaths – Good summary, see the reference links at the end.

Fight with – the fine art of Cheerful Corporate Combat

Spotting a SocioPath – GREAT list of what to look for, what to do.

The Ruthless vs. The Rest of Us -More GREAT advice.

The Sociopath Next Door – Entertaining excerpts and explanations.

Mobbing – Herald Tribune Book

A Sociopath’s Sick Spying Scams

Copyright © 2007, Michele Moore.  All Rights Reserved. Reprints. – more about happiness and spiritual success.


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